Jacksonville Real Estate For Sale Has Declined

Jacksonville Real Estate For Sale Has Declined

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“Low supply continues to be the story in Jacksonville Real Estate For Sale, as housing inventory in Jacksonville declined for the third straight month, according to data collected by the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors,” so says Derek Gilliam reporter Jacksonville Business Journal.

“There were only 9,290 homes listed for sale in Northeast Florida as of August, which was a decline of 14.3 percent year-over-year. Despite the overall drop, 3,222 new homes were listed in August, which was a 2.3 percent increase year-over-year.

Median sales price increased from $172,945 in August 2015 to $190,750 this past August. The average sales price had an even larger increase from $210,707 to $238,457.

That trend is going on across the country and could be because there’s less homes on the market now than in previous years as the housing market continues to recover.

“Closed sales began to cool for much of the country last month, and conventional wisdom indicates that year-over-year declines are going to be present for the remainder of the year, given the low inventory situation in most markets,” NEFAR predicts in the report.

Is the cooling we are seeing all because of low inventory? What if it is more about the economy, rather than low inventory?

Have you been waiting for the right time to sell your house? Maybe it is now.

When we say you can sell your house now, we are usually talking 14-21 days, though in some cases we have closed in as little as 2 week. That means if you are thinking of putting your Jacksonville Real Estate For Sale any time soon you could be out before the end of the year or the next housing crisis. Who knows what’s ahead, but prices have certainly come up a long way from the bottom in 2011. It would be better to sell when there is little competition, than when many are selling.

How does it work to sell for cash now? We know your neighborhood and the house prices. We do a walk-through of your house, note any deficiencies, and figure out what it will cost to fix those items. We know what potential homeowners want in the way of amenities and what it will cost to bring your house up to that level. We calculate the profit we need on our investment and offer you a price.  We will explain how we arrived at our offer to you and answer any questions you might have. Then it’s up to you to accept our offer, make a counter offer or decline our offer and sell your home in a traditional manner.  One call, no obligation.

We buy “as is” houses. You don’t need an inspector to go through your house, telling you what items to fix before you can sell. You don’t have to reduce your sale price by the cost of the repairs pointed out by the inspector. There are no realtor commissions of 5 to 6% to pay out of your proceeds. In fact, there are no fees whatsoever. There are no open houses to live through and no fears that something goes wrong when it’s time to close and you lose the buyer.

We are Diamond Life Real Estate, Inc.. Here to help property owners. We are investors who focus much of our business on helping homeowners out of just about any situation, regardless of how challenging. We buy ALL types of distressed real estate, whether bank owned, vacant, abandoned, foreclosed, or a property in need of major rehabilitation. We don’t EVER charge any fees or commissions, but simply offer the honest truth about what we can do to buy your home or property, usually within 2 weeks or less, to resolve your situation. After our initial discussion there is no obligation on your part whatsoever.

Give us a call today at 904-834-1326, we might be able to help.

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