Private Lending

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More Reliable Investing Opportunitiesdiamond-life-real-estate

If you’re looking for a more reliable investing alternative, then consider becoming a PRIVATE MONEY LENDER. A PRIVATE MONEY LENDER or PML is an anyone with funds to invest, whether it be cash from a bank account, cash from a retirement account or just funds sitting around that are under performing. Diamond Life Real Estate, Inc. is a Residential Redevelopment Company that buys homes and commercial properties well below market prices. Due to the volume of properties that we transact, we consistently look for PRIVATE MONEY LENDERS to partner with, like yourself, who are looking to invest their money in real estate and earn significantly higher returns than you would if you were to park your money in a bank. As a PRIVATE MONEY LENDER, you are the bank and when you invest with Diamond Life Real Estate, Inc. you are investing with a proven and reliable partner who has delivered as promised on each and every private loan they have secured.

Consistent Returns On Your Money

Learn how you can earn up to 10% on your money secured by real estate. See how to leverage money that is sitting in your bank account, IRA or 401K. Invest in one property or multiple properties for terms typically from 6-12 months. Call today to learn more or email us directly at

Performance Disclosure: Investing in financial and real estate markets involves a substantial degree of risk. There can be no assurance that the investment objectives or returns described herein will be achieved. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance or that such investment opportunities will become available

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