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2014 Headshot

MaliVai Washington

Bio:  Founder and President of Diamond Life Real Estate, Inc and the Broker of record for Diamond Life Realty, LLC. I bought my first home in 1992 in part because I couldn’t stand the feeling of throwing money away on a monthly rent payment. I bought  my first investment property in 1999. From a very young age I can remember having an interest in real estate. I often say my love of real estate began while playing Monopoly with  my siblings as a kid. Regardless of when and how, my love for everything real estate still exists today.

Quote: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Passion: God, real estate, family, tennis, the beach, kids

Where I will own property someday: New York City



Mashona Washington

Bio: Mashona is a highly motivated professional with a desire to excel in the Real Estate Industry.

Mashona moved from Houston, Texas where she spent the last 5 years managing one of the top fitness facilities in the industry.  Now, a licensed Real Estate Sales Associate and a member of the NorthEast Florida Association of Realtors her performance driven experience in fast paced environments, human resources processes, researching, and coaching employees will transfer this wealth of experience to Diamond Life here in Florida.  She has a passion and commitment for delivering an excellent customer experience that will assist you in finding the home you have always wanted.

Quote:  You can’t be great if you’re not enthusiastic!

Passion:  Fitness, cooking, dancing, family

Where I will own a property someday:  Florida, Texas & Michigan

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