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We LOVE to work with Realtors. We are Realtors. Realtors are a HUGE reason for our success therefore agents are protected. When a Realtor brings us a deal we want them to keep the commission. Bring us a deal we like or a buyer who purchases one of our properties and we will make sure you are compensated for your efforts.

As buyers and investors, we look for SELLERS who are looking to move quickly. We are CASH buyers with the ability to close on the sellers timeline. We buy single family homes, multi family property, commercial property and even vacant land. Find us a deal, we will run our numbers and make an offer. Lets work together.

-Step 1-
Enter your information in the web form to the right.
-Step 2-
We will contact you to make an offer for your property.
-Step 3-
We will analyze the property and make an offer
-Step 4-
We can close quickly

How we help you:

  • We’ll purchase any type of property including distressed property
  • Buy single-family detached homes,┬ácondos, town-homes, multi-family are our specialty
  • We buy in all price points from $25,000 & up – (as long as we can add enough value to make the deal work for all sides)
  • We’ll buy homes with any and all amounts of work from cosmetic rehabs to complete tear downs
  • Our offers are ALL cash with a 10-14 day close and we will work on the sellers timeline.
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