FHA Refinance Loan Basic Requirements

Posted by MaliVai Washington // June 13, 2019

FHA refinance loans offer a variety of options for the borrower. In many cases you don’t have to have an existing FHA loan in order to refinance into one; with certain types of FHA refinancing you do have to have an FHA loan. There are cash-out refinance loans available, no-cash-out, and streamline refinances available. Do […]

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Fla. real estate license fees cut 50% for two years

Posted by MaliVai Washington // June 7, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – June 6, 2019 – On Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) announced that the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC)approved the two-year reduction of biennial license renewal fees for certain active licenses. The discount begins with the next renewal cycle that ends on Sept. 30, 2019. […]

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11 Surprising Ways to Use Coca-Cola at Home

Posted by MaliVai Washington // May 21, 2019

You’re used to seeing this sweet, sparkling treat sipped fresh from a red can or enjoyed with popcorn during a movie. But did you know that Coca-Cola can also help around the house? Take a look at the eleven surprising things Coke can do to make your life easier. 1) Clean Your windows If your […]

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Why is it important to maintain your Appliances?

Posted by MaliVai Washington // May 13, 2019

By: Kathy Colace Have you ever imagined a day without a refrigerator, stove or dishwasher?Then start thinking about it! Appliances now need some kind of repair within the first year 25% of the time regardless of the brand Most homeowners do not think about the importance of their appliances until something goes wrong with them. This […]

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5 Basic Due Diligence Steps For Any Prospective Investment

Posted by MaliVai Washington // April 29, 2019

POSTED BY JD ESAJIAN // MARCH 22, 2019 You can do everything right on six consecutive deals but if you are sloppy with the due diligence on the seventh, the consequences could be severe. As basic as it sounds, it is important to always keep the flow of profits moving in the right direction. Making a small profit […]

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All Things Smart Homeownership

Posted by MaliVai Washington // April 22, 2019

The pros and cons of peak season homebuying April 17, 2017 As you probably already know, home sales begin climbing in the spring, peak in June and July, and then taper off in August. In fact, according to one study, people are twice as likely to move during the summer months than the winter months regardless […]

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Responsible buyers with low credit get new options

Posted by MaliVai Washington // April 12, 2019

BOSTON – April 8, 2019 – Here’s some good news for anyone whose credit scores aren’t quite as high as they’d like them to be: Three new financial tools have come to market – or soon will be available – that could give your scores a shot of adrenaline when you need it most. All […]

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Pet owners face unique challenges when buying and selling a home

Posted by MaliVai Washington // April 5, 2019

By Michele LernerOctober 26, 2017 Elena Ruiz and her partner, Shawna Kerns, place such a high priority on their desire to rescue animals, they switched neighborhoods to find a place with a yard. The couple had two cats and a dog when they began house hunting from their apartment in the H Street corridor area of […]

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5 Things To Consider When Choosing The Neighborhood That’s Right For You

Posted by MaliVai Washington // March 28, 2019

By Sally Forster Jones, Contributor | Feb. 14, 2017, at 10:51 a.m Location, Location, Location – it may seem like a cliche phrase you’d see in a real estate advertisement. But like most cliches, it comes from some truth. When you’re house hunting, location is one of the most significant choices you’ll make. Location affects affordability, value […]

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Where Should I Live? 14 Important Factors When Deciding the Best Place to Live

Posted by MaliVai Washington // March 21, 2019

Home is where the heart is, but what if your heart doesn’t know where it should be? From low crime rates to a great education system, there are many variables to consider when choosing that perfect place that you and your family can call home. To help you make this important decision, I’ve provided an […]

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