How To Sell Your Home When You Have To Work Around A Pet

How To Sell Your Home When You Have To Work Around A Pet

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Your furry, four-legged family member is well-loved by you and other members of the household, but potential buyers may not be so keen on them. While it’s easy to forget about the fact that Rover or little Patches has free reign of the house during the day, it is an very important factor to consider when you’re in the process of attempting to sell your home. Here’s how to work around your precious pet while you’re gearing up to hit the market running:

Understand Why Home Buyers Might Not Like Pets:

Some home buyers may be allergic to fur or simply not be accustomed to being in a house covered in fur and feathers. Other pets, such as ferrets, mice, or birds, may simply produce odd smells or frequent droppings. This may result in an experience that is uncomfortable for your potential buyers, or worse, they may view your property as unclean and therefore undesirable. Other buyers may have a particular fear of the type of animal you house, such as rodents or reptiles, and thus your pets need to stay both out of sight and out of mind. For example if your beloved dog has a tendency to bark or cry when crated, by themselves or when strangers are in the home you do not want you potential buyers to be distracted.  In all, it’s important to keep the buyers’ perceptions in mind long before they step over the threshold.

Clean After Your Pets and Remove Them From Immediate Sight:

As stated above, the potential buyers’ perception of the entire property is absolutely crucial. Be sure to entrust your pets with a friend, family member, or neighbor, or have them boarded with a trusted animal daycare nearby. This will keep them away from the buyers who may not be impressed or endeared by them, and will also allow you the time to clean the space without interference. Pay special attention to any fur, droppings, odors, pet toys, or other signs of animals that need to be cleaned or removed prior to a house showing.

Know What To Do If You Cannot Hide or Remove Your Pets:

If your animal must stay on-site during the day for any reason, you’ll want to keep them in a crate or enclosure that prohibits them from walking around freely or disrupting your showing. Even for the most docile and friendly of pets, keeping them out of the way is a simple courtesy to a potential buyer and allows them to feel comfortable, making them more likely to take a shine to your property. Finally, if the pet is home, make sure to alert your buyer to their presence before they enter the property.

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